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The best way to find out more about us, what we do and how we do it would be to give us a call to arrange a FREE meeting.

In our FREE meeting you can tell us your business history, your accounting requirements, ask us any tax questions and decide face to face from our answers whether we are the right people to help you and your business.

Our FREE meetings are always without obligation and are your chance to get some FREE advice that will save you money.

(Our record is 5 minutes of advice that made the business owner £50,000.00 – but that’s another story entirely)

If you would like more background information before giving us a call, then please read on.

ABC Consulting Accountants is owned and managed by Stuart Crabtree and Melanie Rawes.  

Having trained as a Chartered Accountant with one of the oldest and largest firm of accountants in Burnley, Ashworth Moulds & Co, the business was started from scratch by Stuart from his parents spare bedroom back in 1995.

To take advantage of the beneficial tax conditions at that time, in 1998 the business became a limited company, one of the first firms of accountants in the Burnley area to have the foresight to do so.

In 2001, Melanie joined the business having managed a large doctors practice, again in Rawtenstall.

The business now operates from Stuart and Melanies house on the outskirts of Rawtenstall in the Rossendale Valley.

Over the years we have provided help and guidance to every type of business ranging from local plumbers up to a public limited company with annual sales of £30 million.

We believe that our greatest strengths are that we are accountants with a business background

In 1997 (aged 23 and 25) we bought a business in a deal of approximately £150,000.

Since then we have started two other businesses (one of which was ABC Consulting Accountants) and have also sold one.

In 2002 Stuart was listed in the Who's who of Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs and we became one of the 5% of accountants nationwide that were the first to submit tax returns electronically to the tax man.  

As you would hope from a modern accountant, we have since remained at the forefront of technology and use it to create efficiencies in all areas of our accounting engagements.

The previous four generations of our families have a history of running successful small businesses, including market stalls, launderettes, chip shops, precision engineering and even a snooker club

We have both been brought up on a diet of self employment, starting businesses and being in business................ it's all we have ever known.

Through our accounting activities on behalf of others and having developed successful owner managed businesses ourselves and within our families, we know and understand the issues that you and your business are facing and the issues that you will face in the future.

We are accountants that understand business and what makes it work.

We therefore provide a personal accounting service, tailored to your needs, being designed to help you run your business more efficiently, whilst ensuring that you pay as little tax as possible.

Whatever your business or financial situation we can help

Over time we become trusted long term advisers to the people that use our services.

Our aims as your accountant are to help you grow your business and help you make as much money as possible whilst beating the tax man every step of the way.

Whilst the majority of our accounting activities are conducted in the burnley, rawtenstall and rossendale valley area we do also act as an accountant for people much further afield.

If you would like to meet with either of us to discuss your business needs please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

We are here to help

We specialise in helping new business start ups and established owner managed businesses

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